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Procon Salt water pumps and desalination pumps
Our salt water pumps are manufactured with the highest quality 316 stainless steel casting and rotor, to resist the high corrosion rates of salt water. Procon pumps are capable of pumping 265 gal per hour and to a pressure of 250 PSI. All internal parts are made of graphite. Procon pumps offers four different type of seals, Nitrile, Viton (Fluorocarbon), Ethylene Propylene and Neoprene. The salt water industry has used Procon pumps in the past with great success. The unique Procon performance and its great reliability for more that 70 years make Procon pumps the best positive displacement pump on the planet. Procon pumps are used by sail boats, catamarans, pleasure boats, power boats, yachts and commercial ships.

Marine Procon pumps application for salt water desalination process
We can ship directly to your boat the same day you order, at any marina in the world that has access to major transport companies, such as DHL, UPS or FedEx. You can also use your own transport company if you wish. We accept, Visa, Master Card, American Express and bank transfers.

At Parts ML, we know you have no time to lose. You want it fast and your at the right place. We can also rebuild your defective one the same day we receive it, since we have all the parts in stock.

Steam cleaning pumps
We have many customers that are using Procon pumps in high pressure cleaning processes such as carpet equipment companies and floor cleaning equipment that need constant flow and pressure. We have ranges of flow from 15 Gallons per hour up to 660 gallon per hour, either with brass casting or stainless steel casting (304) with a maximum of 250 PSI without losing any flow. See our technical performance charts for more information.

Procon cooling and circulation pumps
Procon pumps for circulation systems are widely used in different areas to cool down equipment by circulating cold liquid into a closed circuit system of specialized equipment at a fixed, pre determined and constant temperature. Some customers use other liquids than water to bring down the temperature below freezing temperature such as glycol.

X-Ray circulation systems and Procon pumps
Procon pumps supply many customers in the Medical and hospital equipment with X-Ray machines for the circulation part of there equipment. This X-Ray equipment is highly sophisticated and need top quality pumps for its normal functioning, and to provide stable and constant flow through all the circulating system so that they can obtain exactly the specifications of their manufacturers.

Hard water filtration Procon pumps
Hard water and brackish water filtration systems use Procon pumps as well. Our pumps can run under constant flow with pressures up to 250 PSI. Take note that Procon pumps cannot run with dirt or debris that would go throught the pump, but because of the graphite parts inside, all Procon pumps need to have a 100 mesh filter or screen before the pump so no dirt will pass trough it and will protect the pump for long lasting service. Series 1 Procon pumps have a built-in strainer casting and have a stainless steel 100 mesh screen filter. If this model is used, keep in mind to inform all end users that the strainer needs to be cleaned on a regular basis so that the pump won't get damaged because of a restricted inlet flow.

Pumps for potable water treatment
Tap water isn't always as pure and clean as much as we would like it to be all the time. In some areas, city water isnít stable year-round and needs to be treated before you drink it. A lot of homes and businesses use Procon pumps to get tap water from the city to pass in another filter of a treatment equipment before it goes out of the tap. Some equipment that treats the water have filters that are very fine to capture the maximum particles before they get into your drinking glass. To do so and to keep the pressure adequate the system needs a Procon pump to push the water through the filter. Users have to check their filtration systems periodically to insure that the pump doesn't run under cavitation.

Haemodialysis Procon pump systems
Procon pumps are used in Haemodialysis systems to circulate liquids though their closed circuits and to keep a constant flow and a stable pressure everywhere in the cooling system. Medical centres and hospitals now use smaller haemodialysis systems that in some cases, can be transported from one place to another to facilitate patient's life. The new haemodialysis machines are more compact and lighter. Procon pumps are compact as well in their designs and fully respond to the specifications of the medical and hospital industry. Reliability, service cost and reliable customer support are most important factors for the medical community. That is why at ML Parts we offer a same-day shipping policy and keep in stock all of Procon pump models, so our customers don't have any waiting time and get there products fast.

Osmonic Procon pump systems and Reverse Osmosis Procon pumps
Reverse osmosis is now more and more popular. The membrane filtration system used in reverse osmosis is efficient and offers low cost operation. Procon pumps are widely used in Reverse osmosis R-O systems and osmonic systems. The overall capacity of Procon pumps to push a steady flow under high pressures is one of the major properties of Procon pumps for R-O systems. The more membranes that are used and the thinner the microns are in those types of filters, the higher the pressure is needed to keep a constant flow in osmonic filtration equipment. Only Procon pumps can offer you a steady flow under pressures up to 250 PSI, and flows up to 660 gallons Per hour at 250 PSI. You want reliability, long-life and low-cost operation. Procon pumps is the one you need for all your reverse osmosis filtration system and osmonic equipment.

Procon pumps for heat exchangers
Heat exchangers work at higher temperature levels than in most other applications. Procon pumps offer special seal kits to be able to support higher temperatures. Our Procon units can pump hot water up to 190 degrees F with different seal kits such as Ethylene Propylene, Viton (fluorocarbon) and Neoprene. We also offer special clearance graphite parts inside our pumps to allow for expansion of the rotor under such high temperatures. Give us you specifications and we will have the right pump especially-designed for your specific needs. We have all special and standard parts in stock and we can repair any type of Procon pump the same day we get it in our shop, so if you are in an urgent situation we will ship it back to you within 24 hours, anywhere in the word!

Chiller pumps
Chiller Procon pumps are generally used with very low temperatures, some times under the freezing point of 0 degrees F. Often glycol is used for the cold chiller liquid circulation. Glycol is thicker than water so the parts inside the pump need to be different than standard Procon pumps. In such cases the parts inside have special clearances to allow the product to circulate in the pump without damaging the pump. But the minimum necessary mix concentration of glycol and water is recommended to protect the seal kit inside the pump. Other seal kits such as Viton elastomer could be used to get a longer seal kit life, or the standard Nitrile seal kit will be limited in time. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information on all our optional configurations to get the maximum reliability and long life running Procon pumps. See our installation and warranty charts to get more details.

Procon pumps for welding machines
In many cases, industrial welding machines make use of cooling circulation hoses to cool down the Mig or Tig handles for a longer equipment life and for the welder's comfort. Procon pumps have several low flow and low pressure brass models to circulate cooling liquids into the lines so that the welder can keep welding all day with hand comfort. The inexpensive cost of an installation with a Procon pump on a welding machine will improve the employees productivity and will stretch the welding machine durability. We have in stock all GE motors, either 48 frame slotted shaft, 115 volts or 220 volts, 50/60 hz from 1/3 hp to ĺ hp, also the 56 C frame Marathon motors from 1/3 hp to 2 hp, 115 volts, 220 volt,550 volts, both in 1 phase or 3 phase configurations and in 50/60 HZ. Call or e-mail us for more information. We can also pre-assemble Procon pumps and motors with the adaptors if needed for you at no extra charge. See our technical page for more details on the motors.

Procon Pumps used in the car wash industry
Procon pumps offer several models of pumps for the car wash industry. We have brass pumps from 15 gallons per hour to 330 gallons per hour with a capacity of 250 PSI without losing practically any flow. If used for soap spraying, we recommend special Viton seal kits for chemicals and special clearance internal parts inside the pump, for longer life and extra reliability. We have in stock direct-drive Procon pumps with slotted shafts that use a brass or nylon coupling. Oversize brass couplings are also available and in stock. We also carry and stock shaft-drive Procon pumps that use the 56C frame motor type with aluminium brackets and "love joy" 3 piece adaptors. You can get any of your car wash Procon pumps rebuilt the same day we receive them. We will also ship within 24 hours guaranteed!

Pesticide Procon pumps
To efficiently spray Pesticides, you need good pressure and stable flow. Procon pumps offer the best units for all your pesticide spraying applications. We have special seals for chemicals and special clearance parts inside our pumps to fulfill all you needs. Contact us for more information on our Procon pumps. Our Procon pumps are available in top quality Stainless steel or brass casings.

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